Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

I had a really good clubbing time yesterday and today also! Went to Ashoka with Minah and had another round of body shaking fun!! I freaked out and danced like hair smells of smoke and is full of sweat and my body is starting to ache all over! Now's tat the kind of clubbing I like! :) The cute part was Minah and I turned up in CNY colours, she in a red cheongsam top and me in an orange top....cute!

The club was fully packed. Too many cute guys to ogle at but so little time! Damn! And why do the cute ones come with their girlfriends! Damn!

Drank screwdriver = vodka +orange juice. Its now my another choice of drink at a club besides coke.

There was quite a few wierdos at the club today. A lot of nigger wannabes. Men and women with funny hairstyles and unearthly clothes....wonder where they bought their stuff from! There was this particular group of girls who thought they were sexy niggers and retro chicks. They were actually a bunch of bamboos trying their best to dance sexily which was very ugly sight. One look and it was a major turn-off. To me and Minah, there were a big turn-off but the pack of sluts-wannabe, who kinda looked like hookers, managed to be picked a group of uncles....duh.....

I better sleep now, my eyelids are closing. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Green Chilles, Green Leaves and Red Flowers

Had to wake up early again today! Another Saturday sleeping gone! Had to follow my mum to the market to get some stuff for us to survive the CNY holiday.

The market was packed, I was sleepy and there were so many things to carry! Damn! But I did get something out of the marketing today. Since today was the eve, a lot of stuff was cheap and my mum wanted to buy a plant for good we got this green chilli plant which I liked. See it looks nice right!
See the big and fresh green chillies it had:
And it has small red flowers...I know...bad photography but what do to...i couldn't get a clearer picture. The plant is quite heavy to move... :)
The plant is outside my house on the old table. There's place for 2 more plants....hmmm....what other plants can I buy? Kethrine getting a bit on the green side huh.... :)

Ok, time to start cross-stitching :)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

And The Award Goes To........

I've got an award..'The MOE Service Excellence Award'....Surprising being a crappy bitch got this award!! My director presented the awards to me and 8 others from the same division.

So now my 'Thank U' speech:

"I want to thank the parent who wrote me that compliment letter after she managed to get into Rosyth School. I want to thank my boss for nominating me. I want to thank Mike (my senior head) for writing so many nice things about me so that I could get the award."

Besides the award, I'm also getting $100!!! Hehehe....That goes into my savings! Cool.... :)

Went to Ikea during lunch just now. Bought myself a new dustbin. I'm dustbinless coz my mum took mine after her room dustbin broke. So I got myself a big red one. Chinese New Year mood mah...hehehe......and also got myself a orange mug.

I love shopping at Ikea. When I get a house of my own, its gonna be filled with stuff from Ikea.....hehehe...

Anyway my colleague Sio Ling gave me a fortune cookie to eat and I found a message in the fortune cookie.

"Your working spirit will not be affected although you'll soon be very busy."


Monday, January 23, 2006

Being the other woman....

One of my friend, who is a divorcee, got this proposal from a married man she met at a club....

"My wife doesn't love me anymore. We sleep in seperate rooms. We are together only for our kids' sake and plan to get a divorce once they are old enough to understand,probably in another 10 years' time. I need someone to love me, show me care and concern. I would like you to be that person coz I think you can understand how I feel.

We can be like a normal couple, have kids and start a family but without the word marriage.......In another words, would you be my mistress?"

When my friend told me this, I asked her what her answer was. She told me that she told him that she needed time to think. That's when I screwed her left right centre!

What need some time to think! Her answer on the spot should have been a big NO! To be a friend is fine but to be a way! So what if she's alone and not dating anyone now! That shouldn't make her become a mistress! She divorced her husband coz of his affair!!

I haven't spoke to her yet! Hopefully she got her brains thinking and refused him!

As far as I am concerned, the other woman is a bitch......A big ******* bitch! No matter what the reason, they still break up families and cause hurt to a whole lot of people.

If you read the New Paper yesterday, they had 2 stories on these mistresses. Boy you should see their allowance they were getting each 4 figures! Just for a month! Shiok life rite but then what do they get in the end? A shameful life, no children for their old age and they end up alone when these men leave them! And moreover they still have to endure all kind of insults from the wives when the affairs leaks!

Please ladies! Think before you make these kind of decisions! Breaking up families is not the best thing to do!!!! I'm sure you can meet better guys!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

On The Menu Today....

On The Menu Today was.....

Fishball Soup (Indian Style):
Spicy Chicken Sambal:
Masala Prawn and Potatoes: All these specially made by ME! :) I cooked after a very long time. And it turned out good. I did get some help from my mum...hehehe....

Kumar came over just now to eat...hehehe....Hopefully none of us get diarrhoea tomorrow... :)

I woke up early today just to get the marketing done. I woke up at 8 am on a Saturday morning!!! And I didn't even sleep in the afternoon coz my auntie came over. I'm tired....hopefully I can sleep later tomorrow.....damn...I can't! Papa wants to mop the house tomorrow!!! And I can't even sleep in the afternoon, Kumar wants to mop his place!!! Damn Damn!! Next weekend, I'm gonna sleep like a pig!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Pig Out at Kenny Rogers

Met up with Kavitha, Minah and Rathiga yesterday after work. We wanted to celebrate Kavi's birthday which was early this month. So we went to Kenny Rogers at Suntec. And I went back home with a super bloated tummy!

I was a Kenny Rogers virgin and I lost my 'virginity' yesterday....hehehe....The food was good. And the serving was huge. I struggled to finish off the side dishes. I took the macaroni cheese and the baked rice. It was heavenly!! I must makan at Kenny Rogers again, if not for the chicken, then its for the side dishes! :)

Rathiga came late, very late actually. She came after we finished eating. Kavi was also late. If I had known that these pigs would have been late, I would have just come after visting my aunt in the hospital!

While waiting for Kavi and Rathiga to come, Minah and I were just walking around CityLink and we managed to spend money, thanks to our few pitstops! :) But luckily I only spent $2.90 on a handphone accessory, while Minah spent $27 on a top. I too would have bought a top if it was my size! That shop didn't have any XS! And their S size fits Minah!!!! I was furious coz there was this skirt and top I liked but then I'm also relieved coz I didn't have to spend money!

And thanks to all that walking around, coz I already decided on the card to buy for Kumar for Valentine's Day! ;)

As usual, we had a great time, joking and laughing till our stomach ached!!! :) Its always fun when we r out together! 4 crazy bitches together and hell breaks loose!

Kavitha, Aminah and Me, before we started eating:

As Rathiga was the late-comer, she was not in the first pic, so we took another one on our way back to the MRT station. We were looking around for a nice background and decided to go for the chocolate shop since it looked delicious!! Don't we look Chocolicious!!

This is the handphone accessory I bought. Cute rite! Doesn't it reflect my image as a biker-babe! Hehe....even though its a scooter....hehehehe.....very cute cute.....I love it!!!! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quack Quack.....

Came to the office this morning and see what I found:

New additions to my already messy table.....

The yellow duck was from Ganesha for no special reason. But I wonder how he knew I like ducks...hmmm.... :)

And the blue (actually its purple in colour...I don't know why it turned out blue in my camera phone) koala bear is from Serene. She just got back from Australia after being there for 3 weeks to attend her cousin's wedding. She looks so fat now! But also even cuter :)

U know I actually tot it was a mouse when I first looked at it. I realised it was koala bear only after Serene told me paise...
I must be going blind!

So many stuff on my table! I think I should be bringing home some. But then I already have so many things in my room!!

Whatever la, I'll leave them here!! Better to be messy here than at home!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The 'Meet-The-Friends' Weekend

I met up with a few friends this weekend and it was good. :)

Kumar and I met up with Clara and Xavier on Saturday. Went to their new place and then to Kumar's place. They actually wanted to see Kenny Boy and they were so facinated with him. Of course what, my son's a cutie mah! And that boy was also very active. He was also very happy with the extra company. But after they left, he was sleeping like a pig! :)

And my boyfriend was very friendly with them. The conversation was flowing very well between him and Xavier. You see, Kumar is not really a chatter box and not very friendly. He only talks to some people and not all. So I was a bit afraid that he might not mingle well with them. But then he proved me wrong. My darling!

Sunday was Habibah's engagement. Among the 3 of us (Me, Habi and Vanitha), she's the one getting hitched first. She looked good. I went over on Saturday to put henna for her and I tied the saree for her on Sunday....hehe.....I'm not very good but then she wanted my help so I agreed! :)

Vanitha and I are very happy for her.....but the only thing that was bothering us is the fact that she was kinda forced into this. She didn't look one bit happy to get engaged. Hopefully things turn out well for her.....


Friday, January 13, 2006

I hate being a zombie!!!

I feel like smashing a plate on someone's head.....


Because I had been deprived of my beauty sleep and slept only 3 hours yesterday nite.....


I followed my mother and her colleagues to Ashoka yesterday....

I broke my rule of 'No Clubbing On A Working Nite'!!!! All thanks to my mother!!!!

One of her colleagues, who is a Malaysian, is gonna quit and get married soon. She won't be clubbing after that so she wanted to have a night out with my mum and the others. She bought her car along but needed someone to guide her to Ashoka.

And who had to be their guide? Who else but Kethrine. So I didn't have a choice but to break the rule and accompany them!

But for the first time in my clubbing escapades, I did't dance. I didn't even break sweat in a club. I just sat and listened to songs while my mother was dancing away. My make-up was intact and for once my hair didn't stink of cigarette and liqour. :)

I'm like a walking zombie now. Want to take leave also cannot, there's a departmental function starting in 20 minutes and a CMS UAT testing later in the afternoon.....sigh....Zzzzz...zzzz....


Monday, January 09, 2006

Red and Evil... :)

Like my new blog skin? Cool huh...I like the little fellow at the end.....evil eh..... ;)

I finally got my Christmas present from Ganesha. A very very late Christmas present. He likes to give me my gifts after the 12 days of Christmas are over....but the wait was worth it....

See what he bought cute rite! I just love it! Another addition to my collection on my bed....hehehe....

And another thing to hug when I the rate I'm receiving soft toys, I may not have enough place to sleep on that bed of mine....hehe.....I wonder where I'm going to keep all these stuff when I get my own place. Obviously, they can't be on the bed, then where would Kumar sleep? I better think of something....

I started on my cross-stitch on Saturday and after 3 days, the progress so far is:
Looks like very little hor....never mind, my deadline is on 31st Dec 2006. :)

Its been a wet wet wet day for the past two days. I didn't leave my house at all, not even to buy lunch or dinner. Ordered Mac instead....too wet a weather man! Lucky today it started to pour only after my lunch even though the weather was gloomy since morning.

Tomorrow is a Public Holiday and hopefully the weather looks better and no rain.....I have plans!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Just got a lecture from Kumar about my frequent visits to JB. He started after reading a newspaper article about someone being robbed in JB.

He went on and on la, also mentioning that his friend and the wife got robbed in JB, blah blah....crap!!

He told me not to go there often, stay in crowded places, avoid ulu areas, don't stay there for too long, come back home before dark....

@#$%&!! 'F' him!

Don't go there often! Today I went there with my mum and I had hot oil hair massage, full arms waxing and facial at just 50 Sing Dollars ! Can get this in Singapore meh....cannot! Stupid man!! All my tailoring is also done there. Its freaking cheap over there! This fellow gonna pay for it if I do in Singapore is rite!Asshole!

He's freaking lor sor man!!! Make me think so many times, should I marry this fellow!! One thing is for sure, I'm gonna die soon of either heart attack or high blood pressure thanks to Kumar!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Garlic is Good but smelly...

Yippie, Its Friday! Shiok!!

I realised that my garlic intake has increased. I've been having garlic 'something' at least twice since two weeks ago. I'm always buying the 'French Garlic Loaf' at Provence at Holland V. And yesterday I had Garlic Naan at Komala's when I went to Tekka. Hmm....tasty...but not as good as Gayathri's.

But my mother always told me that garlic is good for health. I think its good for constipation, blood circulation and don't know what. But whatever as long as it taste good with bread and naan....bring it on!

Anyway here's something I got from the Friendster Bulletion Board. How very true!

1. To the people who does have more than 500 friend's, are you serious? Nobody in this universe has that many're stupid. Go kill yourself.

2. If you're ugly stop acting like you don't know it. The captions under you picture that says "top model pose" doesn't convince anybody. At least you can work on your personality.

3. Don't ever post pictures and say "omg im so ugly" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. Please put away the rod and reel cause your just fishin for compliments.

4. Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hard with the
keyboard...that's so sad. Unless you actually physically beat someone with the keyboard. Then thats ironically hilarious.

5. If all your pictures look the same...don't post them all! Please put some variety in
your pics. Nobody wants to see your face 8 different ways. I don't care if its inverted, black and white, or faded out. A face is a face is a face....

6. Who really gives a rats ass if I don't accept you as a friend...MOVE ON. Don't send me another request or message asking "what's up?" I don't want you as a friend or I just don't care, that's what's up!

7. LITTLE 10, 11, 12, years old who have friendster and LOOK LIKE SLUTS, go somewhere else because NOBODY wants you here except pedophiles, and is that what you want. To be raped? No you don't so RUN RUN FAST!!

8. No one is really going to die in 6 days or have bad relationships for 5 years if they don't pass or post your bulletin on. So stop saying that!

9. If you have decided to read this, You are a true Friendster Friend. Real friends read their bulletins.

10. It serves to eliminate people who are desperately trying to add "friends" like it's a popularity contest in high school. Good riddance!!

Share the sentiments? I really wanna congratulate the person who came up with this! :)

Hey, remember my plans for 2006, here's an addition: I was cleaning out my room yesterday and I found one of my new cross-stitch which I bought some time back. So i decided that I'm gonna try to finish it by this year. Its pretty big and full of sunflowers.

So I wanna finish my Sunflower Cross Stitch by the end of the year. Now there's 5 stuffs to do and this one doesn't cost me much :)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

My WishList or what I wanna do this year...

Kenny's injured....My bro and Kumar brought him down to play on Monday and my son got hurt. And their explanation to what happened was so damn poor...

Kenny was limping pretty bad and I brought him to vet yesterday. The vet was impressed by his size and weight. Kenny's a 4 mth old pup, weighing 5.45 kg...heavy huh....but he's fit and strong. Anyway she told me that he only had a muscle pull. I had gotten worried for nothing....duh....

He's fine now. Just a bit quieter and not his usual hyper-active aches to see him like that...poor fellow....

Anyway I'm bored at work and so I drew out my wishlist for this year;what I plan to in 2006.

1. I wanna get a new handphone. The moment my plan ends in April, I'm getting a phone. Hopefully the prices of some phone have gone down.

2. I'm planning a surprise b-day party for Kumar. You must think I'm dumb to post this on my blog but he doesn't read my blog and so do his friends. Since he's turning 25, I wanna do something nice for him.

3. Kenny's turning 1 this year!! Fast huh! So I wanna have a small celebration for him. A very simple one actually.

4. Its been more than a year since I last highlighted my hair. So I'm gonna cut my hair and get highlights done this year around Deepavali time. I've decided not to rebond my hair, after re-considering the pros and cons.

Very little hor...only 4 items....for now, these are the major stuff, maybe there might be some additions along the way....but all the above-mentioned cost me a lot of money!!!!

As usual....everything I do involves money ...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A New Beginning.....

3 days of holiday passed by just like that! That was fast....My New Year went well, except that I kept getting wet in the rain.

Went to Kumar's place in the afternoon, then we both went to my aunt's place. Got wet in the rain. My niece has grown fatter and bigger now. Cuter also...Then we went to my place and again got wet in the rain.....Everytime I was on the bike, I was getting drenched in the rain! Sigh! Hopefully I don't get sick. Don't wish to take MC on the first month of the year.

The next day was spent at Kumar's place, cleaning and looking after Kenny. He's grown so much bigger and fatter and heavier. I have so much difficulty carrying him. And he's biting me even more. I still have to wait for another 9 months for him to stop teething....oh boy....that seems like a very long time!!

Anyway Kumar is starting his classes today. I advised him to take his N levels and got him enrolled into a private school that offers classes from Mondays to Fridays in the evenings. Which means, I have to go over after work and take care of Kenny. Gonna a bit tiring but I guess he only has me to help.

2006 is going to be a very tough year for Kumar. Hopefully he studies hard and passes his N levels.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hello 2006!


Wishes to everyone to have a wonderful 2006! :)

I'm at home. I know, I'm boring but I'm one of those people who like to avoid crowds and I would rather spend my New Year Eve and New Year peacefully and not be trapped in between some sweaty and smelly bodies :)

Anyway, my New Year resolution is.....hmm....acutally I don't make resolutions coz I always end up not fulfilling them. So let's just say that this year (2006), I plan to take more care of myself. Coz in 2005, I really negleted myself and pushed myself too hard. So this year, I'm gonna be more conscious of myself and my needs. In other words, I'm gonna a bit more a good way la..... :)

I'm very tired now. Had a very very busy day as we has a small gathering at my place. Had to wake up super early to follow my mum to the market. And I spend the entire day in and out of the kitchen. So I'm gonna hit the sack now and try to wake up early tomorrow.

Before I sleep, here's my prayer for 2006:

I would just like to have a simple but happy and peaceful year. I wish make no enemies and would like to improve my relations with my existing family and friends. May the world have a better year and may there be less hungry people! :)