Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm Gonna Hate Seeing The Dentist Again!

The flu pandemic has hit my office and at least two persons are going on mc becoz of it. My area of 6 cubicles is totally empty with just 2 survivors hanging on...I think make it just one survivor. I've been hit too...but not very badly but the trip to the dentist today has got me contemplating on taking mc.

I've never dreaded visiting the dentist. I've always had very pleasant experiences since I started visiting the dentist in primary school. Actually I used to visit the dentist almost every mouth. I practically loved going there. A slight shake in one of my tooth and the next day, I'm at the dentist. This continued till I was in Secondary school. Always looking forward to my dental visits. :)

After that I visited the dentist in 2000 after my mum made an appt for me. It went pretty well too. Then I realised that I had not been utilising my $70 dental money that the govt has been giving me. It has been wasted for the past 4 years. So I went for my dental appointment today at Choa Chu Kang polyclinic...didn't want the money to go to waste anymore.

I thought that it was just gonna be another normal check-up.....Boy, how wrong was I? It started off well. It was good till I lied on the chair and he asked me to open my mouth. "Your mouth is pretty dirty. I would have to clean it up a bit." this was what the doctor said and the next 20 minutes had me regretting coming to see the dentist.

He was happily digging into my gum and my teeth. It was painful...HELL, ITS WAS PAINFULL!! He didn't even give me some time to rest my mouth after he was done with the lower set. He happily went on to the upper set. And I had to put on a small fight by pushing away the stupid things that was in my mouth, with my tongue so that I could rest my mouth for a while.

The pain was over after he was done and so I thought it would be fine. Went to Kumar's place after that, feed and played with Kenny for a while. My mouth was uncomfortable but it was not that bad. Left at abt 5 something to meet Clara. That was when it started. I started developing a fever that was draining the life out of me. Every step I was taking was killing me and i felt like fainting any minute.Having a running nose wasn't helping either. Lucky I managed to pull thru myself and dragged myself to Dover MRT and sat there till Clara came. Lucky, I felt better after an hour and I managed to walk to her mum's place.

Went to Clara's mum's place to see her wedding studio pics. There were nice. Not bad, Creative did do a good job. Turned out pretty well. Also saw her ROM album and the video.

I had to leave early coz the pain was coming back again and now's its getting worse!!!!

MY MOUTH AND TEETH HURTS LIKE HELL!!! Tell me some place I can transfer the pain to!!!! And I'm beginning to feel feverish again.....Damn.....IT HURTS!!!!! I was feeling better when I started to write this blog.....damn......

Take MC, don't take MC......F**K....f**k.....F**K.....f**k......Take MC, don't take MC......

Friday, May 26, 2006

Grade 5 to Grade 4

I've Been Promoted!!

Unexpected News! Seriously,I was blady pissed when my performance bonus in March was just 0.5 month and I thought that I might not get promoted this year. This morning, my DD told me about it!!


But I can't look for any other job now, for the next year at least....but its ok! :)

Hopefully I get a good increment!!!!


Thursday, May 25, 2006

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

I wasn't planning to watch X-men today. But Alvin instigated me by asking me whether I wanted to watch it with him. And the devil in me got the better of me....

Hehe....Kumar must never know that I watched the movie first with my brother! :)

Warning: If you have not watched the movie, please don't read this!

The movie was great! I enjoyed every moment of it!! Watching Beast in action was fantastic! Damn, he looked so professional in his suit and the moment he was in the battefield, he was all animal. Cool! And he has a body to die for. Better that Wolverine's, even though it was in blue. But still I would rather rip Wolverine's pants off then Beast's. (You know for what rite)

But its a pity that Charles Xavier had to die. I cried he died. Ya, I know its just a movie but then he's like a father to all the mutants, he rescued them and he had to die like that and also at the hands of his own student. Damn, that was heart-breaking! When I took out a tissue to dry my eyes, I think the guy beside must be thinking I'm wierd...hehehe....

Cute boy Cyclops had to exit off early. He looked pretty bad this time. Not as cute as he was in the first two movies. And too bad, Jean Grey had to die too! So sad!

Overall, the movie was great. I heard that this was going to be the last installment but then if you notice the last scene of the movie, it contradicts what they said. If they have another X-men movie, I would be one of the most happiest person! :)

I'm gonna watch again and again and again and again and again and again and again.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm still sick....sob sob....

I'm still sick but better than last week. But still my voice sucks and so does my throat......

Went to JB with Kumar to add speakers to the car. Kumar's spending money on the car like nobody's business and its getting on my nerves....My mum tagged along. She wanted to view her pics she took the day before. My mum went to take studio photos again, for her 55th birthday. The last time she took was 5 years back during her 50th birthday. What can I say.... This time she took pics in a wedding gown, with the veil and everything....i have simply no comments.....We spent about half-an-hour, looking at the pics and choosing the nice ones. I'll upload the pics once we get them next month.

But its cheap. Very cheap. Only RM388 for 4 costumes, 4 different hair-dos, 18 pics in an album which is about 3/4 of A4 sized paper, and a 8R with frame. That's about 170 sing dollars. Cheap eh. And if I was to take with Kumar, she told me that it would be RM488. Hmmm......

I failed my BTT again! Damn It!! Shitty right. I'll enrol in BBDC later in the year. Now I just don't have any time.

Watched Da Vinci yesterday. I'm kinda disappointed. It was not as intriguing as the book...what do u expect, its a movie. I think I gotto read the book again...to refresh my memory....

Was chatting with Ambi over MSN just now and the topic of my ex-bf came up. It brought back so many memories....Good ones and a lot of bad ones.....Some think I'm in the wrong. Some think I'm the bastard in the story coz I moved on fast. They don't know that I moved on much much earlier. He didn't. And it finally hit him when Kumar stepped into the picture......

Some have asked me what it is like to have a Muslim bf, whether he's any different from Indian guys.

I told them "All men are the same-assholes." :)

I better get back to work and my coffee....sigh.....

Friday, May 19, 2006

Poor Throat...Poor Boobs...Poor Tummy...Poor Me

I feel terrible! My throat is sore and super dry and I'm beginning to sound 'sexy' and the tube underneath my blouse is making me feel worse. Either the free size tube is too small for me or my boobs grew bigger. My boobs are being squashed in this tube.....damn......

Can you make a tube bigger? Help, Does anyone know? If not, then I pity my boobs.....

Continued at 11.50 am:

If there was anything that could make me feel any worse, it would be my menses. And yes, my darling 'sister' had to come today when I'm already battling a terrible throat. Now I have to battle with my cramps too! DAMN IT!!!!!!

(Ouch...my tummy hurts)...Where did I keep that medicated oil???

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I don't feel good. I've got a sore throat, cought and a fever....it seems to be getting worse....and the day doesn't seem to make me feel any better.....damn...*cough*....the only thing missing in the dreaded blocked/running nose.....damn....i don't want......

I just finished typing out and uploading a webpage that went missing. Why...why do these things happen? Damn.....It feels like a bad omen....I see another fucked-up P1 exercise ahead....damn....not good, not good at all......

I feel like shit!

Maybe blogging about meeting up with my sayangs will make me better...

Met up with sayangs, Avril and Minie yesterday evening. Went to Ren Thai for a round of Thai Food Pig-Out. The food was good and spicy. Had my favourite Tom Yam Soup and Mango Rice and many more.

Me and Avril on the escalator heading to Suntec:
Me enjoying my food. I didn't even notice Avril taking my pic...hehe....Busy eating.....
My 2 sayangs...U both do love me, don't u :)
Then we headed to Robinson's for some shopping. I didn't spend at money at all....serious...nothing at all, just for makan. And I managed to control myself from buying anything. There was this green top at Robinson's that Avril and Minie chose for me. It was very nice but I'm living under a tight budget now....damn.....All the nice clothes appear when I have no money......K*N*N*B*.......

Yup, I do feel better now...*cough*

Monday, May 15, 2006

Kumar's 25th Birthday

Back to work and I don't feel good. I'm not that sick to take MC and I'm not very well to work either...damn....Stupid weather. My throat hurts...I've been drinking a lot of water and been visiting the toilet too many times, I think the cleaner auntie might be thinking that I have a loose bladder....I'm on half-day and I know I'm gonna feel more awful when I go back.

I had a very simple birthday celebration for Kumar at my place on Saturday. One of his friend told me that they were gonna have a celebration for him so I didn't want to hold him back at my place. Everything was ok until my camera battery went flat just after I arranged the candles on the cake....damn it...and I had to run to the shop nearby to buy new ones. Luckily the cake didn't melt by the time I came back.

We sang, He cut, We fed, We ate....and It was over. Then Kumar left to enjoy the night with his friends. And I was left with all the dish washing....But both of us did have a good feast. My mum had cooked wonderfully delicious food...Yummy! :)

Kumar's 25th b-day (130506) (1)Kumar's 25th b-day (130506) (4)

More pics in Flickr!

Clara told me that she uploaded some of her studio shots on Friendster and I went to take a look. Its nice. She and Xavier look pretty good together but I don't really think that Daisy from Creative is that good like what she claims. There was this pic that where Clara's face looked white. Maybe I'll make the judgement after seeing all of her studio shots. I think I'll go down to her place on Friday...

Ok, I've got to leave now. :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

An Early Mothers' Day Celebration.

Had a surprise Mother's Day celebration at Indra auntie's place today...for my mum, my aunt, Indra auntie, her daughter Shami Girl and their maid. I actually wanted to make Ferrero Rocher bouquets for them but I was drained out after following my mum, to help finalise her birthday celebrations stuff. I'll get to that later.

So Kumar and I decided to get them a cake since we didn't know if we would be going there on Sunday. And we sang the 'Happy Birthday' song in a Mothers' Day version...

"Happy Mother's Day to U!"
"Happy Mother's Day to U!"
"Happy Mother's Day to 4 of U!"
"Happy Mother's Day to U!"

....Lucky Ramesh boy was there to sing loudly, Kumar and I were just to shy to sing...hehehe....But the cake was delicious...SUPER Shiok!! And yes it was in CHOCOLATE!!!! You people know me, I would never take any other flavour! :)

Mothers' day 06 (1)Mothers' day 06 (2)
Mothers' day 06 (3)Mothers' day 06 (4)
Mothers' day 06 (5)

Now to the part about my mum's birthday celebrations. My mum is celebrating her 55th birthday with a big bang. She's gonna do it big. So i took leave on Thursday to follow her around to book the hall and confirm the other stuff. We had a very very bad experience with Gayathri's Restuarant. I didn't know that their service was this bad. It takes just on dumb PRO to spoil the image of the restuarant. So we switched to Muthu's Curry Resturant. They do have class. They are expensive but have the standard. Let's see how they perform at my mum's birthday and I might just use for my ROM.

I still can't believe that Gayathri's had really such bad service.....I had actually very good impression about that place.

Kumar's birthday is tomorrow. I better go to bed now. I've got to wake up early to marketing for my mum. We are cooking dinner for him. :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I WANT MONEY! $$$$$$$$$$

The meeting for tomorrow morning is cancelled and this means I can take leave tomorrow morning...Yippie!!! Gotta inform Serene later.

I was having a small lunch time talk with Jalilah and the issue of money came up and I realised that I BADLY NEED MONEY$$$$!!!! Not immediately now but I do in the long run.....Which means I have to really save up alot.

My diploma is sponsored so no problem. But I still need to save money for my advanced dip and a degree. Kumar also wants to study. So that would include saving up for another dip and degree. Both of us wanna get our degrees by 35.

And I need to squeeze in getting married somewhere. So I have include saving for the marriage and the house.....ARGH!!!!!!

I've a full-time job that doesn't pay me enough. I'm tutoring 2 kids. I still have to study when school starts. Now what else can I do to get more money!!!!!!

Maybe I should ask Kumar to 'sell backside'.....You think he'll agree?


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings....*Yawn*

I hate coming to work on Tuesday mornings.....I always sleep late on Monday after watching Grey's anatomy and Scrubs....Damn....I would have taken MC if not the for the meeting in the afternoon....I've got a meeting this afternoon, 2 tomorrow morning and afternoon and 1 on Thursday morning.....Keeping awake in meetings on a day when I'm alert is already a big headache....Now I've got to keep myself awake in a super-boring meeting when I'm also a half-zombie.......K*N*N*B*.......

Yesterday I left the office with one of my new colleagues, Doreen. Her boyfriend was coming to pick her up. She was telling me that her boyfriend rides her to work and picks her up at times. That reminded me the time when Kumar used to fetch me from work....It was nice...He would leave camp early and wait for me at MOE. Then we would go to my place and have dinner together..it was we spent time together almost everyday...I miss those days....

Now we barely talk over the phone and only spend time together on Sundays....sigh...Now my best friends are the TV and my cross-stitch....I don't why I have this blind feeling that everything is going to be fine soon and Kumar and I will be spending more time together, when he's only finishing school in October....after October, he would have to concentrate on revising for his papers in Nov......Argh...I gotta throw that feeling away....Its only May and I have 7 months more to go till we will get time together!


Monday, May 08, 2006

Freaking Weather!!!! :0

The weather is horrible!! I'm sweating like fuck! Its so blady hot!!

I went to Holland V to pay some bills and since I was already there, I went to The Body Shop to buy Kumar's birthday present. This Saturday is Kumar's birthday. I actually wanted to have a celebration for him as a surprise. But then one of his friends told me that they have some plans for him so I decided to opt for something small...oh well....I think Kumar will have more fun with his friends.

Since he's always complaining that his face is being in the hot sun, I bought the range of face-care by Body Shop. I bought him a face wash, a face scrub and 2 types of moisturing cream; one with SPF 15 and one without. He should be happy with the present but I think that its a bit girly. Hopefully he likes the present.

And I made a good buy! Instead of paying $74 for the purchases, I only paid about $39 thanks to my discount coupon and cash rebate....hehehehehe.....I tried new "Cassis Rose Fragrance" over there. Its nice. I think I'm gonna get one for myself, together with the bar soap and shower gel. I just love the smell :)

I planned to rush home after feeding Kenny today coz of the 'Da Vinci Code:Declassified' being telecast on Discovery Channel at 9 pm but I just remembered that I have tuition tonight. The kid's having her Maths paper tomorrow so I have to go for tuition....damn....Hopefully they have a repeat telecast of the show...I badly wanna see it....

Ok, time to get back to work. Suddenly there are so many things to do.....Damn.... :(

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Its 1.03 am...I should be alseep right now...but I can't! I can't! I can't! I can't coz I'm happy, thrilled and excited....coz I got the MDIS Scholarship to study the Diploma in Mass Communications!!

I'm just so thrilled! This could be my first step to getting a degree in Mass Communications...Something I always wanted since young...This is great! I'm so happy! I'm gonna be a student all over again.The last time attended school was n ITE. Now 5 years later, I'll be able to relieve my days as a student just that this time its gonna be work and school. I know its gonna be more stressful. Hopefully I can cope well and do well.

I'm so happy!! I just can't sleep and Kumar will be picking me up at 9 am tomorrow to go JB and I'm too excited to sleep for another 2 or 3 hours....Damn.....How am I gonna wake up?? I better force myself to sleep.

Good Nite!

*I'm so Happy :)*

Friday, May 05, 2006


I have nothing against any political party in Singapore and even if I do, I can't blog about it. But this picture amused me so much that I had to put it up.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Own Ferrero Roche Hand Bouquet...Made by me :)

I went for a Ferrero Roche Hand Bouquet making class yesterday. Aminah was supposed to go with me. She was the one who was forcing me to attend this class with her coz she wanted company. But in the end she told me she's sick and not coming and I had to go alone....Feel like scolding her something but I'm not going to.

But I'm glad that I attended it. It was very interesting and useful. And the fellow trainees were very friendly. Now I know how to make a Ferrero Roche Hand Bouquet and its pretty easy. I just need to get my skills right and practise more. Then I'll do better ones. The trainer told us that a flower hand bouquet can be made the same way. So I really have to practise hard and master the skills.

So for Mothers' Day this year, I'll be making such bouquets for the mothers. I think I'll give my mum the one I made yesterday. She'll be surprised...hehehe....

I went to Kumar's place after the class to show him my 'masterpiece' and the asshole was pissed that I came to his house so late. He was like "Why you come at this time(10.30pm)? So late! Don't know how to go home after the class it is! I tell you right, don't go home so late!"

Asshole...but anyway he apologised for being nasty and helped me take pics with my bouquet. He actually wanted to keep it at his home but I told him I'll make him another one with plastic flowers so that he can place it at his house.

Here is me and my lovely work of art. It isn't very neat though. First time mah. But I'm pretty happy with my work. I showed the pics to Ganesha too and he was telling me that the colours were out. Yup, I agree. It was a bit too colourful. I should have just taken 2 colours instead of so many. Never mind, we learn from mistakes. :)

So you people can expect a lot of bouquet pics coming up, all made by me. Once I've perfected my skills, I wouldn't mind taking orders...hehehehehe......

I'm helping the Shamu, the PA of my Deputy Director to cover her duties in the afternoon while she goes off for a Elections briefing. I'm like 'Am I the only one who exists in the office?'...Couldn't they have got someone else.....Damn.....

Monday, May 01, 2006

"Working at the car wash (oh oh, yeah yeah)"

Even before you knew it, the holiday's gone and it'll be back to work tomorrow. 3 days of holiday and I didn't bum even for a day. Saturday was spent at Kumar's looking after Kenny. Sunday was spent at JB, burning my butt, waiting at the Causeway and today was 'Car Wash Day', after visiting my foster parents.
The latest I woke up was at 10 am.....Damn...that's pretty early you know :(.....Must try to wake up later this weekend. And I gotto find something to do on Saturday since I'm not voting. Maybe more cleaning and some cross-stitch.....

The car looks shiny after a wash. It took Kumar, me and my bro an hour to wash the car coz we only had 1 sponge, 1 cloth and 1 pail. Leave that man to bring the cleaning stuff and he just brings one of each! Very clever.....*Sigh* The next time we are going to clean the car, I better tell him what to bring.....

An hour later after washing the car, it rains.....wonderful huh....Waste my energy cleaning the car....blame Kumar....damn.... I actually wanted to take pics of the new additions to the car but it was already too late to the take pics. The pics don't look nice when taken at night.

I'll post them next weekend when I 'meet' the car :).

Good Night! :)