Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm dead!

I hate being busy, especially with school work. I hate it when my assignments are all due in the same week. Argh! I hate doing group projects!! ARGH!!!

This week and next week is horrible! I have 2 freaking busy weeks and I’m only half-way through it. I happily left my thumbdrive at my classmate’s place last night. It has all my assignments inside it and I’ll only be able to get it from him on Sat. Wonderful rite! I won’t be able to do my assignments till Sat. Fantastic rite!!!

I still haven’t memorise my news script for the studio production on Saturday. I’m only half-way done through my essay due next Wednesday! Aaaand my thumb drive that has everything inside is with my classmate!!!!

Like tat how!! U tell me!!! STRESSSSSSSSS!!!! *pulls hair*

Die….die….die…..Ket die……

Monday, November 26, 2007

Victor + Mark + Ket = Crazy Saturday!

No briyani last week…..why…..stupid sore throat…sigh but never mind, I still had nice Indian food at Anjappar on Saturday…….Let’s see if I can have briyani this week……..

I really hate doing group projects! Its not that I’m anti-social. Its just that I can do my projects at my own time, if its individual. When it comes to group projects, you’ve got to make time to meet at some convenient location and lots of other stuff….sigh……No choice, for the TVRP module, we had 2 group projects to do. But thank god, my groupmates are crazy like me! We can get along very well! We all met up on Sat to discuss our project and besides discussing, we were all busy talking pictures too! And we stayed at the Mcdonald’s at Boat Quay for more than 4 hours, making soooo much noise!!! The staff must have been relieved when we left….hehehe…..
After that, I went to see Christmas lightings after having dinner at Anjappar. Niceeeeee!!! Victor, Mark and I walked from Little India to Plaza Sing, had Starbucks coffee, then walked down to Orchard. Those 2 guys are really a cockster pair and we were taking pictures like crazy!!! These guys were so on to take photos, worse than me!! Besides the humid weather, it was really fun hanging out with these guys.

Koffee with Kethrine…..hehehehehe!!
The Christmas Tree @ Plaza Sing. Don’t ask me what these guys were trying to do!! I have no idea!!
The Lights along the Road
Outside Centrepoint.This is my favourite!! I really like the gold against maroon theme. I think Mark was trying to pull out the vines….hehe…. The angel was part of the deco along the road. I really thought it was cute. And yes me on my favourite swing at Balcony. We tried to get a quick shot before we got chased away! Hehe!!The ‘Zouk-Out’ car outside Heeren. It looked cool and I had to snap a photo in front of it.Mark and Victor doing what they do best. Outside Paragon. The Christmas looked really really beautiful! Mark was trying to imitate me, citing that I always have the ‘Act-cute’ sign in many of my friendster photos.
The reindeers were in front of Lucky Plaza and the black shadow thingy was at TANGS. Mark and Victor at their best again. Those 2 cars were outside that hotel. I forgot whether its Meritus Mandarin or Marriot, the one near the escalator to the MRT…hehe….you know I’m not very street-smart rite…..hehe…But the cars really looked very cool! Niceee!
And finally we called it a day with a short toilet break at Hyatt…And even after all that photo taking, I had to snap one beside this flower photo!!!
It was really a cam-whoring Saturday!!! Hehehe….. Now back to work!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

TVRP Crap!!

I somtimes wonder why my group of classmates ever bother to go to class. All we do is just talk cock and make noise. We only listen to the lecturer when we like......See la, this is what we started doing in class yesterday, when we should have been studying.....

We didnt stop even after proceeding to the studio to practice.....horrible.....

But still, I love my groupmates....We are always laughing, talking cock and having fun!! I like!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Briyani Briyani, here I come....

Its a torture, trying to control myself from snacking......i really really REALLY cannot tahan.........but i'm trying my level best to resist temptation...

Its been 2 days since I snacked in between meals. I'm pretty impressed with my ability to control myself. Everytime I really can't resist a bite, I just grab a piece of biscuit from the pantry. That's sooo much better,compared to the numerous number of bite-sized Snickers and Time-Out bars I would eat in a day.

Removing that snack corner from my table was a good idea!! Everytime I feel like snacking, i drink water. Hence, I always have this stupid bloated feeling, as if my tummy is full of water.Good...Bad....what the heck......Too much water won't kill right.....

But no matter how much water i drink and how bloated i feel, its sickening how i can still feel like eating something.......argh!!!!! I'm incorrigible!!!!!!

Oh my god! I didn't tell you guys about something rite!!!! I gained 4 kg in a month!!!!!!! Yes, 4 kg in a month!!!! Can u believe it!! I reluctantly weighed myself last Friday!!! ARGH!!!!! I almost wanted to faint!!

Errr...that was a bit of too much drama rite...hehe....Sometimes Ket can be a drama queen.....hehehehehe......excuse me on that k :)

I satisfied 2 major food cravings last week. I know what you are thinking,here she is complaining that she's putting on weight but yet she still pigs-out....hehehe....Now I'm smarter. I have good control over my food intake. No more major pig-outs, only minor ones and its only like once or twice a week, compared to having one every other day. And I'm justifying it with rite! Me going gym this excited......

Met Minah and Rathika on Wednesday to celebrate Minah's birthday at Chong Pang Nasi Lemak. I know , weird place, but it was meant to be a surprise for Minah.We had planned to meet there for dinner and I thought of surprising her with a cake since her actual birthday on Tuesday was screwed. Rathika and I were like 2 cookoos, standing there, singing for her. Arent we wonderful friends....We did take pictures and as always Auntie Minah takes forever to send me the pictures. Sigh...

We are having another celebration for her this weekend at Chakravarthy as per her request. She die die wants to cut a cake in a club! I'm going clubbing after 2 months!!!But I'm not really a fan of Chakravarthy.....I miss Ashoka.....Sigh....

Went to Newton on Saturday after watching Vel. The last time I went to Newton was like 2 months back, before Minah broke her leg!! I had deprived of my Cheesy Chicken Roti John and Barbequed Chicken Wings for that looong!! From now on, its at least once a month. And the stall uncle actually remembered me...hehe...when I went to order, he was like "Chicken Roti John rite?" ...hehehe...I felt paise for a cute.....hahaha.....After all that food, I was a satisfied and happy Ket. :)

Victor is convinced that my life revolves around food!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Next food craving: Briyani
Target: This Friday


Ok ok, i better get back to my project.......

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ket's New Weight Management Programme.....

The verdict is out!

Ket is FAT!!

No arguements on that......No doubts about that!!!

This is freaking lousy!! I can't believe I'm putting on the pounds so easily now. The fats on me must be growing an inch every day! ARGH!!

I've always been a big eater but I didnt gain weight that easily before. But now, everything I eat seems to be multiplying into fats in my body!! And I have a big bulging tummy!! This is freaking bad!!! My tummy used to be flat just a few months back!

After much brain-storming, i came up with an excellent weight management programme for myself:

-I'm going to the gym with my colleages from next week onwards. At least once a week, during lunch. N i'm gonna use the treadmill, hoping to burn the fats away by running.

-I'm sticking to either a meal or two a day. (I'm serious about this!)

-No more snacking in between meals. I just cleared the snack corner at my workstation. Good start!

-Everytime I feel like snacking, i'm drinking water. (Water won't make you gain weight rite?) At least, tat's healthier.

I'm gonna bring the old Kethrine back.....maybe not the boney one but the one with a flat tummy!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ranting with A Migraine!!!

This is sucky. Suddenly I'm very busy with school projects. I didn’t feel this stressed even I was taking three modules last semester.

Damn, i didnt believe when one of my classmates was saying that TV and Radio Production was stressful till I started it. I thought it would be more fun. Actually it is fun, working in the studio with the cameras, lighting and production but at the same time stresssful when u have to co-ordinate your own production project.

We have a studio news production and a radio talk show production due in 3 weeks and getting everyone to meet is just sooooo difficult.....argh.......I guess the next 2 weekends are going to be burnt. I still have an essay for my Monday class to finish up. Argh!!!! I'm having a migraine, trying to come up with the scripts!

That aside, I really need to rant.....

Someone close is driving me nuts. So much so that I'm starting to mind my own business now. But its a bit difficult trying to do that especially when its someone really close.

First it was 'pettiness', then it became 'childish' and now it has turned into 'bitchiness'.......damn.........I mean, at an age where you can think for yourself, i just can't digest how stupidly/childishly/bitchyly/pettily a person can behave....haiya i don't know to call it also la!

Feigning ignorance seems like the best choice now...argh....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Little Miss Piglet!

Deepavali came and went....just like rite......But this year was good n different. Went visiting full swing, visited more houses than normal and this year, I wasnt alone..... :) The feeling's good....

Before I go further on the Deepavali happenings...

.....I'm officially attached and I'm happy after a loooooong time. Finally found someone who sees me as who I am. I was skeptical in the beginning (as always) but Victor proofed himself at the right time and I guess I decided to take the plunge. I really hope things work out well and everything ends well also.

This is Victor and me! This pic was taken a month back and I looked small then, compared to how i look a pig!!! Alrite, this year's Deepavali was good. Victor and I decided to take up the challenge of braving the last-minute crowd at the Deepavali expo on the eve and I was terrified at the crowd. But it was a nice new experience since I'm always home on Deepavali eve.

I wanted to take more shots but I gave up, looking at the crowd. So I only managed one shot of the Deepavali decorations. The deco isnt really very fantastic this year but I did like the purple theme and the spinning lights.
After all that walking and banging and pushing, we both managed to get a seat and I ordered my favourite drink-Milo Dinosaur and guess what-Its Milo Dinosaur Deepavali Special!! Hahahaha!!! I couldn't resist taking a pic!!!! But i didn't really like have coloured chocolate rice on my drink....kinda spoiled the taste....
Deepavali was nice. Started off as usual with Indra Auntie's house being the first. Had a first ever visit to temple on Deepavali on Victor's request. Then we headed to my friend, Jarry's place and then I went to my aunt's place. Met Victor again in the evening and our last stop was his friend, Mark's place. A total of 5 houses in one day! Shaggadelic!!! Thank god I was on leave the next day!
Deepavali 2007 (1)Deepavali 2007 (2)Deepavali 2007 (3)
Deepavali 2007 (5)Deepavali 2007 (6)Deepavali 2007 (8)

And u know what! My punjabi suit that I had stitched for Deepavali, 2 months back, was freaking tight!!! I was practically suffocating in it!!!! Damn! This shows that I had put on alot of weight like nobody's business!!! Argh!!! Time for some weight management now!!!! Argh!!!!

Sigh......Put that aside, I had a pretty good rest over the weekend and I feel much better now. Back to work on Monday....sigh......I'm so not in the mood to wake up early.....Haiz..........

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Photo Updates!!!

"Thursday is Deepavali!!!"

So i'm supposed to be excited.....seriously I'm not.....I have no freaking idea why......But I'm trying to.......

Actually there are more stuff that I should be excited and happy about but I'm just not really 100%......why am I not?

I guess its the ugly truth that my family, which is my own mum, dad and bro, is really a screwed bunch. Sad eh.....sigh.....the truth always hurts......oh well, life goes on right.....what the hell.....underneath it all, i'm still happy.....A new-found happiness, lovely friends who
always keep the goodness going around me. I love you all! You know who you are :)

I'm telling myself to get excited about Deepavali. I've got 2 extra houses
to visit and it means more yummy food....ahh....that sets the mood.....what else but food to perk me up!

Ok, Photo Updates!!!!!!

-This was taken some time back. Tat's Minah and me, fighting with the sticks after having satay at Newton! Rathika was the one taking the pic. We shld have gotten someone else to take a pic for all 3 of us, stupid us!
Dinner at Newton

My surprised 25th birthday:

-I almost didnt attend my own surprise birthday! I wasnt really in the best of moods and with my exams the folllowing week, I was very inclined to sms Kanzy that I can't make it but thank god, I changed my mind in the last minute and decided to go. Hadnt I gone that day, alot of things wouldnt have been possible. Guys, thanks again for making that day so freaking wonderful and special.

I have no idea why some pictures turned out bad.Some of the photographs didn't turn out well. They were either out-of-focus or blur. The pics of me feeding everyone turned out bad....shit......Sry dearies. But here are the pictures that made it.
My Surprise 25th B-day (1)My Surprise 25th B-day (2)My Surprise 25th B-day (3)My Surprise 25th B-day (4)My Surprise 25th B-day (5)My Surprise 25th B-day (6)My Surprise 25th B-day (7)My Surprise 25th B-day (8)My Surprise 25th B-day (9)

Toasting to the cancelled engagement! Only we girls are capable of celebrating such an event!!!! I like Mango Magarita!!! Niceeeee............
My Surprise 25th B-day 061007

Once again, thank u! *muacks*

-After a major breakout of events, calm kind of returned and Minah and I had a nice chocolate fondue and Hindi movie couple outing. The movie wasnt that fantastic but the chocolate fondue was, as always. Navin and Victor were amazed on how crazy we both were about Chocolate fondue. All they had was just coffee. I wonder how they can not be interested in attacking the
fondue. Those two got no life! Minah and I were having a Choc-gastic time!!!
Dinner n Movie Couple Outing 20102007 (1)Dinner n Movie Couple Outing 20102007 (2)

-Bought my nephews out for a nice dinner at Ang Mo Kio Mac since their exams had ended. Bought the little princess along too. See how cute is she......just like the auntie.....guess she got her looks from me......hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
27102007 (7)27102007 (11)