Friday, August 31, 2007


The next time I say that I wanna go see some star at a shopping mall, I should get myself kicked in the ass!

I'm totally into Heroes! That show is great! And of course, i watch for another reason: Sendhil Ramamurthy! The Indian hottie in it! Damn, he's hot, super hot! Sizzling hot I should say! Ok ok, I'll stop...hehehe....

So he, together with some of the cast from Heroes were making a presence at Vivocity and I dragged Ganesha along since he was also a fanatic of that show. Boy, was I in for a shock when I was there......The place was freaking packed!!!! I didn't know that there would be sooooo many people who would be as crazy as me!!!!

I managed to squeeze thru the crowd and got myself a place near the red carpet. And i waited like for more than an hour to get a close-up glimpse of Sendhil Ramamurthy and this is the nearest i got:
Heroes (6)
Damn! Anyway I'll just be glad that I got to his face in the flesh! Did I just sound pathetic?Damn!

Anyway here's a picture of him that I always drool at!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things happen when u least expect it....

I've been lazy.....very lazy.....hehe.....

I've been wanting to blog but then the laziness bugs hits me and i dont blog....hehe....

Ok, everything has been going a bit fine. I'm on the 'ORD' mood, trying very hard to clear my off. I have so much and yet my boss wants me around to help with her some stuff.I don't want to leave on bad note so I rather stay on and help her and fuck off forever....hehehe......and let them die on their own after that.....hehehehehe....horrible arent I...hehe.....

Its been 4 weeks since I clubbed! Isnt that great! I feel great! Not sleepy feelings, not guilty feelings! Let's see how long more I can go without clubbing! Being at home on a Saturday night is just sooooo lovely!!! I like!

I have updated alot of pics in Flickr. You can view them there. Pics taken on the last time I went clubbing, taken after we went to watch the drama, taken at Sentosa. The Sentosa ones are the funniest! All those funny and wierd poses! hehehe....Minah and I were like tourists!!

I had a nice farewell dinner from my boss on Saturday. After working late on Saturday, we hopped down to the NYDC at Holland Village and had a great dinner! That was very sweet of her. :)

There was this Cookie Monster next to my table and we took it and started entertaining ourselves with it while waiting for our food to arrive!

That's Wei Long (my temp) and me! N this is the whole gang of us, including our temp staff!
Farewell dinner at NYDC HV (1)Farewell dinner at NYDC HV (2)

Life's been ok so far. Am just waiting for the new job to start. Good stuff have been happening around me! Two of my friends whom I introduced to each other are together now! I'm like soooo happy for them!!! Am keeping my fingers crossed that things would work out for them well!

I've learned that sometimes things happen when u least expect it....Something which I never ever thought about is happening. I have no idea whether its for good or bad but I guess I'll just live in the moment.....Let's just see how things work out.... :)

Good luck to me!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Learning nail art....

My first attempt at nail art....


Friday, August 17, 2007

Moving on finally....

I finally took a big step and got out of my comfort zone.....

I tendered in my resignation yesterday. Got another job.

A much more challenging one (as if my life isn't challenging enough).....

I just thought of doing something, instead of being stuck at the same place....

Hopefully I made a good decision......*crosses fingers*

Change is always so scary.....damn.....I'm gonna miss everyone here.....I've had too many fond memories here at MOE......sigh......but Change is good....

I'm finally moving on.......


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I cant believe that Sentosa has become so expensive! I was there on Saturday as Minah had some free tickets to a few attractions. At the end of the day, we calculated on how much we would have paid and we realised that we really saved alot with the free tickets. Most the attractions were not worth the price at all except for Underwater World but we didn't go for that.
But we really chose the wrong day to go there. The weather was freaking hot. Both of us were sweating and were totally tired at the end of the 'excursion'. But we had fun, chatting, taking crazy pictures!!

I'm still waiting for Minah to send me the pics. As always......Once she sends me, I'll upload them :) She owes me a lot of pictures!!

I've been having chocolates! N lots of them!!! In different variations!!! And now I have a huge pimple on my forehead and other small ones around my face, thanks to all that chocolate indulgence!!!

I tried 'Chocolate Prata'. I was very skeptical about it when Jonathan suggested it to me. I mean 'chocolate' and 'prata' dont really mix together. They sound so off when you picture them together. But i did try after some persuasion and I tell u its fantastic!!!! Shiok!!!
My colleague Shawn was telling me how the Missy Donuts at Bukit Panjang Plaza was very nice and people are always queuing in long queues just to buy it. So after tuition today, I went there and bought the donuts. They were really good!!! Yum yum!!!
I and my bro polished off everything in like 20 mins!!!! N as always i bought everything in chocolate and one in maple-tat's also chocolate wat.....heheheheheh.............
I'm going there for more!!!!!! :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Bling Bling....

See my new bling bling....
.....My first 25th birthday present....
.....Guess who bought it for me.....

Me :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Miss or Mrs..

The weekend was good. I managed to have a good rest and at the same time, have some fun.

I went to watch this play by Pushpa Arumugam who is the drama teacher at Minah’s school. Titled ‘Miss?ed’, it touched on a very prominent yet easily ignorable topic in our Indian society….

Indian women and marriage….

What’s with Indian women and marriage? What’s so problematic about it-you may ask. Actually, this issue is far bigger than you think it is and this play hit the nail on the spot.

In the Indian society, an Indian women has to get married by a certain age, otherwise she is seen as being unwanted by the marriage market. She might lose her ‘value’, some say. In certain families, daughters get married just to make their parents happy and end up spending the rest of their lives in misery thanks to a wrong decision made, just to stop the wagging tongues. This is a mistake soooo many Indian ladies make. They succumb to the emotional stress they get from their family in order to save the face of their parents who are often questioned by so called 'concerned' relatives, on why their daughter is not married yet.

Many parents also get affected by the words of their relatives and try to force their daughters into getting married just so ask to stop people from talking, without thinking about what their daughters want or feel or whether their daughters are ready for commitment.

This drama was really down to earth with so many real-life scenarios and characters.
It’s a pity that only a few managed to see it. Only those who were interested in seeing it or were there to support the production cast.

It would be very good if Pushpa would be able to get it telecasted on TV. It would be able to reach out to more people and create more awareness.

I can say that its very rare that the Indian society is actually able to understand and really feel the views of Indian ladies….Sigh…..

And as always we were had a ball of a time together. When we ladies get together we always have fun. We is Me, Minah and Mariam, her new colleague.We were the ones laughing out loud most of the time. Sorry Kanzy for being sooo loud and disturbing the peace! Hehehe!!

We pigged out at Kenny Rogers, had Haagen Dazz ice-cream at Clarke Quay. Oh boy, my tummy was practically protruding out of my dress!! Took snaps here and there! I'm still waiting for Minah to send the pics that we took. Hopefully she sends them quick. She is always taking forever to send the pics!