Thursday, December 28, 2006

Failed Plans...Sad...

I was supposed to go shopping at KL....I was supposed to go clubbing at Gotham......but I ended up having dinner at Orchard.....sigh....

Minah had a planned to go KL yesterday night, shop and then come back today. We had decided to bunk with her aunt's family who were there. But the hotel they were staying in, didn't allow us to put two extra beds into the rooms. So we thought of getting a room for ourselves but then the prices were way too expensive....sigh....We tried calling other hotels but we didn't managed to get any rooms at a reasonable price...sigh.....So we had to cancel plans.

Minah decided to overnight at my place. Then we thought of going to Gotham to check it out. But we were not certained whether it would be good today. If the club turns out to be boring,the first time u go there, u might not wanna go there again so Plan No 2 was also cancelled.

In the end we decided to go makan. We had dinner at 'Village' at Heerens. The food was goooood!! I like!! I'll definitely going there again! :)

We turned camera-crazy, starting to take pics from the bus ride itself....haha! I was actually surprised at Minah when she took a lot of pics. It was soo not her....haha...Just look at the number of pics I took...Minah took much more than me! Haha!
dinner at Village-271206 (1)dinner at Village-271206 (2)dinner at Village-271206 (4)dinner at Village-271206 (5)

I'm waiting for Minah to finish her meeting at school. Going to JB.

I'm getting hungry and she still hasn't called!! Argh!!

I'm gonna watch some TV! Damn!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Big Momma's back!

Big Momma's back! Finally!! Now I can start fighting with her and get irritated by her constant has gone back to normal! :)

This time, she didn't get me the Vikram's full size poster, lots of halwa and palgova that I asked for....humph! But she did get me some nice punjabi suits and i picked 2 sarees from the pile of sarees she bought..I'll be contended with that. :)

Ganesha said that he'll give me the halwa he bought! Yes! I love HALWA!!!

I know this is a luxury but I got myself a new handphone!!! Its Maroon, its slim and its so feminine! Its me!


Friday, December 22, 2006

jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...

The Christmas mood is here!!! :) Had so much fun today! Had our Division's Year End Party and I'm tired from all that laughing, screaming and clapping! Haha!! It was really fun! Lucky thing I did not leave early as planned.

And I got my 5-year long service award during the party. Damn....5 years at fast....I seemed like I just joined yesterday....sigh.....time flies.....

It was a gift shower in the office. We had our own Christmas Gift Exchange for those in the Poting Team, wrapped up some last minute gifts for the higher management and those from other depts, played Santa Claus distributing gift.....

My gifts for 2006:

DIY Curtain from Adeline. She knows I love to DIY and she got me this. I know its colourful but its kinda cute! Gonna do it and hang up in my room!!

This is from Mrs Goh! She always gets me this kind of nice smelling stuff! She knows I love it!

My collection of other gifts-The big orange pouch was from Kok Kwang. Its supposed to be travel carrier. Good for holding toiletries. Serene got me a shopping voucher from Tangs! Ah, I love her! Peiying gave me a towel, wrapped up like a cake. I almost thought it was a real cake! The 'Seat Taken' thing is actually a tissue holder, from Chew Teng. Useful for chopping places at coffee shops! Haha! Doreen gave me that small green compact mirror. Its so vintage and nice! Liying gave me that small notebook. Hwee Choon gave me that puppy sock. I'm gonna put my MP3 player in it. And Ah Cheng gave that small red handphone accessory. It looks so lovely!

But the best gift would be what I got in the Christmas Gift Exchange. I got a Light Up Cushion from Maggie. Its so soft and lovely but the irony, its in pink....but wat the hell, I love it! Its so nice to hug. I'm still contemplating whether I should leave it at home or at the office.

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Oh ya, during lunch we went to this shop at Anchorpoint and I bought this new addtion to my office deco:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Cute hor! Hehehehehe!!!

Ok, Ok, I overload....finally last but not least:

Me with the so-called Christmas tree in my office!
christmas tree at SPS


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Super Piggy!

I had the worse of all pig-outs!

I had fishball mee at 6.30 pm, followed by a pizza, garlic bread and spicy drumlets at 7.45 pm!


I better start to watch what and how I eat! I don't know where all the fats are going to!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Rainy Days R Here To Stay...

I haven't been able to blog recently and I have no idea why. I would wanna blog and I would log on, click on 'Create a new post' and mind goes blank and I don't know what to type.....damn.....

Today my mind is not blank. :)

Rain rain rain rain you complain, everyday rain you complain.....sigh...I like the rain. I kinda get pissed when I got to go out in the rain but then the atmosphere is cool and nice and smell of rain is lovely....I like.. :) But I hate it when I fall sick because of this. Been having flu and fever and have only started recovering now.

Just finished wrapping all my Christmas gifts and I feel so happy! I just love Christmas! The joy of giving gifts and receiving nice! :)

Been spending money alot lately. Had a couple of rounds of shopping. A lot of new clothes, shoes, bags....sigh....and I'll be collecting my new handphone in few days. I should be feeling guilty that I'm spending so much money but I'm not and this is bad....*winks*

I gotto to go to bed now or else I won't be able to wake up on time tomorrow. :)

PS: I don't why but I'm much more happier now! Seriously, I feel so light and happy! I'm enjoying my life!!! :):):)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Habi's hooked, now its left with me and Vanitha, I think she's next..

3 straight weeks of clubbing makes me sooooo sick of it! And I have Minah to thank for that....damn.....The next time she tries to coax into going clubbing with her, I'm gonna have my stand and say no if I don't feel like it. Damn, and at the end of it, she pissed me off bad! Argh!

I'm pretty impressed with those who club every week. U guys are good. I can't never be like that.

Life's been good. I've been taking a lot of time for myself. Went for pampering spa treat on Wednesday at Batam. Can't wait to go again in Feb. It was super shiok and the amount I paid was even more shiok! Cheap cheap, dirt cheap! :) If anyone of u want more details, just ask. I tell u, its worth your money! :)

And I finally took a big step and rebonded my hair. Finally! I have manageable hair and I love it! I looks better than the last time I did it 5 years ago. YES!!!!

At Takashimaya with my freshly rebonded hair; don't mind the greasy face!
Takashimaya (1)

Me and my Mudpie at NYDC. I love it! And don't mind the dark eye circles!
Takashimaya (2)

Vanitha and I attended Habibah's wedding on Sunday. Both of us almost cried during the ceremony. Friend getting married mah...hehe..I still we were silly trying to hold back the tears...hehe....
Habi's wedding (3)

Now its left with me and Vanitha...damn....I have this love-hate relationship with wedding now.Damn....I love my saree......wat do u think?....I'm having some kind of saree maddness now. I bought another new one that day and I can't wait for the lots of sarees that I told my mum to get me....Hahaha....I'm 'evil'!

Mum's in India, my ex-maid left for Sri Lanka yesterday, Ganesha left for India yesterday, Minah's leaving for Perth on Thursday....ARGH!!!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Big Momma's left.... :(

Big Momma left for India yesterday. I know its wierd but I miss her....sigh.....We are never on good terms but everytime she leaves the country, I get depressed.....sigh......I'm gonna be sooooo bored till she comes back which is around Christmas time.

I'll look forward to the goodies she's gonna bring back from India...hehe...more sarees! :)

My 2nd cousin bro won't be a bachelor when he comes back from India. Why are so many people getting married....sigh.....this doesn't help in anyway.....I still have another 4 years to find a hottie I can settle down with....damn...that seems soooo short......argh!

I've been feeling like a whole new person nowadays. I don't know what changed me but I feel lighter and happier overall even though the sad bug does bite me at times, which irritates me.

I realised that I made too many compromises in the past. And I really don't want to make the same mistakes again.

Can u believe its Dec already? The year is going to end in another 31 days....damn...that's fast. Hopefully the new year is better. But I know I'll be less bored then with school and tuition.

My first picture after I had my chicken pox. I guess I'm beginning to look better than I used to. And I kinda like this picture. Don't u think it looks sweet? :)