Thursday, June 28, 2007

Horrors of child birth! WTF!!!

It started off as a normal 'after-lunch' chit chat. Somehow the topic of child birth came up. And after a horrifying education on child birth, this conclusion has been drawed:

When you have a boyfriend, you will get married...
When you get married, you will have sex...
When you have sex, you will get pregnant...
When you get pregnant, you will have to go through child birth...
When you go through child birth, they cut your vagina...

Lesson learnt: Stay single...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


School's over....Yippie!!

Now the mugging starts....damn.....

N the primary one registration exercise starts next Tuesday.....damn....


Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh my yellow!!!

I used to be the kind of person who would only choose very 'safe' colours when it comes to dressing. I would only choose colours which I'm very accustomed to.

But lately, I've been getting very experimental with the colours and my wardrobe has been becoming very very colourful. And i did the ultimate in my 'experimental fever' yesterday. Till yesterday, I never thought I could actually look good in such a colour. Damn, I feel so happy that I managed to carry off that colour. I saw this saree at Haniffa on Wednesday but I was very undecided about buying because I was afraid that I wont be able to carry that colour so I didnt buy it on the spot. Then I asked a few ppl whether that colour would suit and Sumi had to be one of them! Coz she's the best when it comes to colours! And I had to trust Sumi when she said 'go ahead! :)

Went back to Haniffa yesterday and bought that saree after my cousin sis also told me that it looked nice on me. And i also managed to influence her to buy her first chilli red saree!! hehehehe :):)

I laus my saree!!! N I can't wait to tie it!!!!! :):)

Thanks Sumi! Thanks Letchumi akka!!!! Laus you both!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I need space!

My dad's pissing me off bad on one thing. And I can't understand why he can't agree on it! I wanna do a built-in bedroom set for my room n he keeps saying no and that it is a waste of money even though I already told him I'll pay for it.

He probably thinks that I'm miraculously get married in another 2 years time and move my ass out of the house. Which is sooo not the case! I don't see myself moving out of that place (even though its a hellhole) for another 5 years or so!

Humph! Why can't he just agree! I need space! I need alot of space!! I have too many clothes, too many shoes, too many bags, too many everything and too little space! Argh!!!

The men just don't get it, don't they!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Clubberholic not wanna be

I have an IN-tray on my table but these people just insist on leaving stuff for me all over my table.......dont I just love my colleagues.......

I wanna abandon clubbing but looks like clubbing doesn't want to abandon me....sigh......I didn't want to club last Saturday but I somehow ended up in Ashoka....again.....after 2 weeks....and how did it happen? Here's the sad story:

Minah and I bought her mum out for dinner on Saturday at Sakura in Far East since her birthday was on Friday. Had a good time whacking the food. Then Rathiga, who had gone to the hospital to visit her dad, called saying that she would like to meet. So Minah and I met her at Plaza Sing. We were sitting outside Plaza Sing while Rathiga was boozing on Bacardi, all of us thinking wat to do. Rathiga wasnt in the mood for a movie. I suggested going home and sleeping but both of them were against it too!

Then we moved to KFC coz I was hungry again. Still no plans made. I was still telling them tat it was better to go home since we can't come up with a plan. Then Minah took out her phone and reserved a table at Ashoka. I was like, "Babe, not again!". Minah and Rathiga just smiled. Damn!

And I had to go coz I owed Minah coz she had accompanied me to Chakravarthy the other time. So from there, we went to Rathiga's place. She changed and we all headed to Ashoka......And another Saturday night, dancing away......

Now how do I convince these 2 people to stop clubbing for a while???? From where do I have to get the will-power to discipline myself????

Just look at me! I look like crap, don't I? Argh!!!!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Pain pain pain.....

I’m aching all over, inside out….

My Primary One Registration starts in less than a month. There are just soooooo many things to do…..I’m drained…..totally drained-mentally and physically…..there’s still more to come…..parents, applications, web uploads, crowd, system, production, logistics, briefing, more parents, more applications, more complaints, more ‘fighting fire’……argh……..

Then why am I still in this job…..coz I haven’t got another job and the 2 job offers I got, didn’t match my expected salary…

It’s interesting how I can ask questions and answer them myself….

I wish I could escape to Batam for a massage…….I’m so in need of it! Now I still another 3 months or so before I can take leave…….damn…….

And I still am not done with my project due on Tuesday…..damn….damn me….


The only things that's keeping happy is looking at my nicely painted nails with my fav nail colour-Rose Petal Red from The Body Shop......

Don't mind the bad photography. Am still trying to master the skills of taking good photos with my N73......

Damn, I'm in a terrible mood for a Friday.....this is bad.....shit......

Monday, June 04, 2007

Swinging Bacherlorette....

I really wish people who stop bugging me about being 25 and single. They seem to be more sad about it than me.

Thanks for their concern about not wanting me to die with a dried-up vagina with cobwebs growing it in but I’m least bothered about that.

I can’t just marry any Tom, Dick or Harry picked up off the street and nor can I get married when I’m not ready.

First, I’m slowly losing the trust in the constitution called marriage. Have seen enough broken marriages to vouch for it.

Second, Trusting someone new is very very VERY difficult now. Kumar’s episode made things difficult, the short stint I had with ‘K’ worsen things and now the last thing I wanna do is trust another dick.

Third, I can never just settle down with someone just because it’s time. I can only marry someone coz I want to, not becoz I can. There’s a BIG difference in between ‘want’ and ‘can’. Marriage is a big step and I don’t want to regret any decision I make related to it and ruin my life and the other party’s. Getting a divorce is MUCH MORE expensive than getting married.

Fourth, looking at how my mum has been behaving, I don’t think anyone would wanna have her for a mother-in-law, not even me. Seriously, I think she’s losing it. Either that or she’s just plain incorrigible. No further comments….

Fifth, I’m fed up with the whole dating and getting to know a guy thingy. Its like starting from scratch and I don’t have the time nor the energy for that. I’m pretty happy with what I have now and I’m not really bothered to re-adjust my schedules. Dating and men aren’t on my list of priorities anymore.

Yes, I do feel the pain at times when I see how happy some couples are but I have more reasons to make me not want to get married than the reasons I have to make me want to get married. Sad? I say nope! :)

And I better not hear the term “You are too choosy.” again….its turns me murderous……

Friday, June 01, 2007

you cant hide the truth rite
no matter how much u pretend, u can never hide the truth rite
i have to accept the truth rite
i have to accept the truth and realise that i cant run away from anything
i have to accept the truth that all this IS really happening
i have to accept the truth that i'm surrounded by hypocrites
i have to accept the truth that this is my life
i have to accept the truth that



i'm breaking, i'm hurting, i'm sick and tired, i'm losing it....i'm really really losing it....

*this is not about any boy, its just about me and the shithole that i call my life. ignore it, ignore me*