Monday, February 27, 2006

Introducing Tiger.....but it barks.....

Hello Everyone, meet Tiger....He's a new addition to the family. My cousin bro, Kumar bought him and he arrived on Tuesday. He's a blue-eyed husky whose a month and 2 days old.

Isn't he a cute!! So small and fluffy.....nice rite!! Went to my aunt's place yesterday to see the doggie. Boy, he's so cute!!!! You should see him trying to walk. He keeps falling down coz he hasn't got his balance yet. But he loves to bite just like Kenny.

I actually wanted to being Kenny over but since Tiger has not been vaccinated yet, Kumar didn't want to bring him over. I'm waiting for Tiger to be vaccinated so that I can bring Kenny over to see him. I wonder what Kenny might do if he is around another dog...would he be friendly? Hmm...

I took pics with Kumar's bike. See how small I look next to it.....I'm sitting on it as if I can I wish I knew how to ride it....damn.....Hey, Got look like Biker Chic or not?
Nobody's allowing ME to take a bike license.......Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Breeks Dinner

I had a super heavy dinner today. Met Minah for dinner at Marina Square just now.We had planned to eat at Breeks since they were having this 1-for-1 promotion and since it was so difficult to get Rathiga and Kavitha to meet for dinner, we decided to go ahead ourselves.

The food was nice. Not bad.....The promotion ends on Tuesday. So you might wanna makan there soon. :)

Marina Square has changed so much. The last time I went there was 5 years back. Now its much more bigger and had so many stalls. My legs are aching from walking around in that big shopping mall. And I spent money again. This time not so much la....just bought a black skirt at $19....I like the skirt. Both of us went to so many stalls but we didn't even buy any tops....damn....why aren't there any nice tops when I'm in the mood to shop? But good, I save money :)

Ok, time for me to go to bed. Tomolo must wake up early to mop the house.....damn!

Friday, February 24, 2006


This week has been so boring....nothing really interesting happened....Just that I've spending money like it grows on trees.....partly my fault and partly not my fault....

Alvin injured himself again! Good huh! And I had to be the dutiful sister to take time-off and spend money and bring him to the doctor. Lucky thing there was nothing serious....

And I again bought another saree! Went to have dinner with Aminah on Wednesday and ended up spending $90 on sarees!

Damn!! But it was a worth buy. I got 3 sarees to sew into punjabi suits and one to wear to Clara's wedding! Now I have 16 sarees!! I think with the rate at everyone's getting married at. I do have a lot of occasions to wear these sarees too! :)

I was just wondering...Have you people noticed in the creativity in our Singaporean men lately?

Our men are getting more and more experimental in their hair-styles. I've seen so many different varieties in the past one week. Cool!

Maybe we girls should also be creative in our hairstyles....hmm.....

And I should be kicking myself in the ass for starting the album project! Damn!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Good Customer Service is best served with a SMILE :)

I've been served with excellent customer service yesterday and today.

I went to buy textbooks for Kumar at POPULAR Tiong Bahru Plaza yesterday. You know, at Popular, the textbooks and assessment books are almost the same. I don't really know the difference and I was kinda lost at where to start at such a big bookstore.

So I asked the cashier and she called her colleague to help me. The guy, I think Wen Shiong, was so friendly and nice. He looked around the textbook section and was very carefully looking the books so that he doesn't miss anything. Then there were 2 books that were out of stock at his store. He called up the stores at Lot 1 and Jurong East to enquire whether they had the books over there. He confirmed and reserved the 2 books at Jurong East for me.

This guy went the extra mile and wasn't sulking at all that he had to do much just for an ordinary customer. Wow, I was very satisfied and happy. Thank you very much! :)

Today, I went to Bossini at Lot 1 since there are having a 70% sale. Me being small size wasn't able to fit into the S sized stuff they had and some of the stuff I liked didn't have XS size. I asked one of the girls there, whether they had a XS for a certain top I liked and she said "No". So I went to try the S size. It was obivously slightly bigger. I came out and saw a guy there and gave him the top saying that its big for me. He asked me if I would try the smaller size. I said "Yes, if you have the size.".

The guy went back to the store and came back with the XS size and it fitted me. :) Not only that, he also went back into the store and brought the XS sizes for the other stuff I liked. And I was quite undecisive about buying a orange T-shirt which was kinda nice. But I was worried that it would be too bright for me. I actually asked whether the colour would be too bright for me.

He was so nice. He didn't give me any wierd, like some other salespersons have given when I had asked them this kinda questions and he told me that the colour looks good on me! :) Very nice hor. :)

Its delighting when you receive good service and at the same time, you also have to give good service to yr 'customers'. So I decided that for this year's exercise, I'm gonna be more customer-oriented and be more friendly and polite instead of the crappy bitch I was last year. :)

I'm kinda regreting starting the album project. I started at my house first since we are yet to wash some of Kumar's photos. Aiyoh, my house got too many albums la and categorizing and organising them is such a headache! I wish I never started it :( But now cannot do anything. Coz all the photos are all over the place and I don't have a choice but to organize and arrange them....damn......

Gonna sleep now. I'm tired from pullling all those photos out of the albums and thinking how to categorize them.

Good Nite!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Home Improvement - The Album Projects.

After a very long time, I bought lunch from home today.

My mother had made rasam and tahu sambal this morning and she insisted that I bring for lunch. She even offered to pack it for me so I said ok la. So I have a good and tasty home-cooked lunch. Sedap! Noting beats my mum's cooking.

I have 2 major projects to complete at home. And both concern photos and albums. I've decided to do an album to store Kenny's pictures. Kumar also has a lot of pictures lying around the house. So yesterday I went to Popular and brought 3 albums, 1 for Kenny's pictures, 1 for Kumar's pictures and 1 to the pictures that Kumar and I had taken together.

Since I'm doing it for Kumar's place. I decided to also clean up my home's photo cupboard. All the albums are so old and the pictures are all over the place. So today after work, I'm gonna buy more albums and store all these pictures.

For my home, I'm gonna have 1 album for the all my mum's trips, 1 album for my parent's wedding, 1 album for Dad, 1 album for the family and 1 album for my bro and i'm still thinking of how else to organise them.

These projects should keep me occupied for the next few weekends!! Good! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

I wanna wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you are attached, married or single, feel the love in the air and rejoice in it! :)

I wasn't really in the mood for Valentine's Day after hearing some bad news on Monday morning. My aunt's neighbour who was a family friend had passed away on Sunday night. He's gone leaving behind a 5 year old spastic daughter who has leukemia and a wife who has noone here except for him....He was a very nice man, always friendly and courteous...

I attended his funeral today. U know wat's the worse part, its the daughter's birthday today. I tried my best to cry but i couldn't. Seeing the wife and even the child crying away was a sorry sight to see...I'm really very worried for the wife. She keeps saying she's so afraid to carry on now.....So sad....

Anyway Kumar and I didn't have any plans. His night classes had started so there wasn't anywhere we could go out today. He already told me on Monday that my V-day gift was my handphone. No wonder la, he bought me a handphone out of the blue....hehehe....So after the funeral, I went to Junction 8 to get Kumar a wallet. I actually wanted to buy him a watch but I tot of both getting a pair for our anniversary next month.

Lucky me, I managed to get nice wallet at the last minute. I went over my budget...damn! After that went over the his place to feed Kenny. I actually wanted to leave after feeding him but then its V-Day after all, so I decided to wait for Kumar to come. He came and I gave him his gift. We both decided to maybe go out for dinner this weekend. See how la.

There were so many flowers around me yesterday. Kinda made me jealous....hehe....its not like Kumar has not bought me any flowers...He's has been giving me flowers every birthday but then its still nice to receive flowers on V-day....rite ladies.... :)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why so stuck-up? Bitch!

I went to work yesterday. Ya, Saturday...afternoon somemore. Because of JAE, I had to help the JAE team man the counter at CSC. But looking on the bright side, I get 4 hours of off.

Anyway, reading my title, you must be wondering who I am talking about. On Thursday, I went to film a small teaser for PENN (Vasantham Central show for ladies). And the Radio DJ who comes for a while on that show was there to also shoot some scenes for herself. Peps, if you watch the show, you should know who I am talking about.

I thought she was a friendly one by the way she talks to viewers on the radio and stuff. But that day, when I smiled at her, she just looked past me and was so bitchy throughtout the time I was there. She was like damn acting cute. "Aiyoh, I can't memorise my lines!", "I haven't had lunch you know!", "U know, I don't like to memorise my lines, tell me once and I can remember!" Bitch! And then she was like, "Kak (the make-up artist), can you please touch up for me here(her neck), got pimple la." "Can you please try to blend the eye-shadow colour, so that when I open and close my eyes, my eyes are better defined!".... And after seeing her today, she's not as pretty as she seems on TV. The only thing she has is her fair skin.....The fair but ugly kind...

One word la, ****** is a total bitch! A very stuck up one also! She's not in my list of favourites anymore!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Panty Parade

In the past 4 days, I've seen so many women flaunting their semi-hidden panties, I wonder whether these girls have any sense of modesty....

I've seen different kinds and different styles of panties from translucent G-strings to colourful pokka dots granny undies...peeking from the back of low cut and hipster skirts and jeans....the worse is when you can see the whole when they sit down

Ladies...Ladies...Can you explain to me what's sexy in flaunting your underwear? Come on, i think you are embrassing yourself more than appearing sexy....

Just try to stuff or fold your panties when you are gonna wear these kind of low-cut skirts and pants or even short tops....Please!

Here's another really really disgusting free show. The butt line that can be seen when some girls sit down...Boy, that's super ugly! Sometimes you can just see a bit, that's still digestable but then there are times when you are almost see the whole thing....Yucks!!!! That's such an eyesore!

So Ladies, please watch the way you sit and Save us from the Eyesore!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Slides...Up and Down....

I got my first wish for 2006 fufilled!

I GOT A NEW HANDPHONE! Finally!!! Yeah!!! Yippee!! :) :)

I bought the Nokia 6111 today using Kumar's $100 early upgrade voucher!! We also exchanged his Starhub points for another $50 voucher. In the end, we only paid $118 for the phone! Cool!!!

Slides up....slides down....I love it! This phone is smaller than my ez-link card! Wow! Its so small and compact! Its so convenient! And now I don't have to worry about not having enough space in my small handbags!

The camera is must more clearer! And it has MP3 :) and the ringtones sound better!

For those who like small phones, Get This Now!!

Okie, I wanna go explore my phone somemore now! :)

Monday, February 06, 2006

Oink! Oink!

See my new handphone holder...Cute hor!! Oink Oink! There was another design....a dog but this pig was cuter and it reflects my personality!

Me pig mah! My main interests are sleeping and eating wat....hehehe....

Aiyoh, my office table is getting more and more accessoried! Better leave some space for files!!

Okie, time for me to byety-bye! Tada :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

When would I have a leave day to myself?

I've been on the move the whole day. Left my house at 8.45 am this morning and just came back at 10.45 pm. In the past 14 hours or so, I've been to four places! And now i'm tired!

Took leave to attend one of my uncle's wedding today. I had to take leave coz my mum was going alone. Wierdo, having his traditional wedding on a weekday, morning wedding somemore! Practically dragged myself to the wedding today.

Then came back, changed to both of us headed to JB to collect my mum's stuff. I was already tired. But then instead of going back, my mum decided that we should visit my foster parents since I'm on leave today. My foster mum has a major operation in India last year and she just got back. So as a nice daughter, I had to visit her at her son's place at Jurong. I thought I could go home after that. But Kumar called me and told me that he had night training and I have to feed Kenny.

Do I have a choice? son mah...So from Jurong, I went to Choa Chu Kang and sent my mum home and then made my way to Tiong Bahru. Why don't I get a seat in the MRT when I badly need one!!! Damn!

See la, my one day leave was just spent like that! And I was actually planning to sleep after I got back from the wedding! Damn!

I saw this couple this afternoon. The boyfriend was wearing a pink T-shirt with a light blue pants and the girlfriend was wearing a baby blue blouse with pink capris.....Wierdos!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Holiday was just too long...

Can you believe its already February....very fast huh......oh boy....

The CNY holiday was too long...I was super lazy to come to work today.

I stayed over at Kumar's place to look after Kenny since Kumar was going fishing with my cousins. Spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with my baby boy and now I miss him. We slept together on the bed at night. It was nice even though he was licking me occasionally...that was a bit irritating....

All I can say is that, I'm a very bad mother....actually very lazy mother. I'm not like Kumar to plays with Kenny. All I do is just sit and talk with Kenny and occasionally throw the ball for him to fetch. You know, out the of 3 days with me, all Kenny did was just sleep...just like me :)

My time was spent stitching and watching TV. It was getting a bit boring but i was just too lazy to go out with anyone. And I'm a bit pissed that Kumar didn't even spend one day with me during this long holiday. And we had a fight soon after he came back....damn....and he still hasn't call me yet....damn.....

I think i can survive without him.....

Anyway here's my cross-stitch so far. Finished quite a lot...but still got more to go...