Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Queen of Procasination stuck again!

The Queen of Procasination struck again!

Ket didn't do anything productive today but she did have a good relaxing time! A day away from all that stress in my life! I'm happy but I'm still a bit guilty that I didn't do anything productive today.....hehe....

Took leave today coz I was too fed-up to attend the divisional training day....Finally went to temple after a long almost 2 months! Damn, I've been feeling so empty with my temple visits. Not that I'm very religious or anything, I just love going to the temple. :)

Watched 'Mr Bean's holiday' with Minah. It wasn't very funny...actually I almost wanted to doze off after a while...hehe...lucky thing I had my popcorn with me.....hehe! But it was an ok movie la...can make it.... :)

Just came back after bumming at her place for a while. Been a long time since I visited her and her mum. So since i didn't have any tuition, i took the opportunity to watch the Sun TV serials and gossip with Minah's mother....hahaha! :)
I should stop doing this! I have my exam in a few weeks time......Be discipline bitch, Please!!!!

Anyway one of my colleague went to Taipei for holiday and this is what she got me:

Marshmellows shaped like sanitary pads:
Condom chocolates:
*faints* I still can't bring myself to eat the chocolates...hehe....a bit disgusting leh.....hehe

Monday, March 19, 2007

What is this riddle called 'love'?

I seriously don't know what to blog about....there are just too many things to rant about, to complain about, to talk about, to cry about, to laugh about.....

But whatever it is, I'm still alive and kicking and trying to make my life better....
Ket is still not dead! :) My essay is done, though i think its rubbish. My powerpoint slide is done and I don't care that my lecturer thinks its too narrative...whatever la,seriously whatever la....I'm sick of being stressed....whatever..... :)

Anyway one of my cousin brother has opened a food stall at Tanjong Pagar. And I went over on one of the weekends and me being an itchy hand, took pics while he was making me an egg prata....

Stage 1:The Start
Stage 2:The Flipping Stage 3:The Adjustments Stage 4: The egg spread Stage 5:On the hot panAnd me whacking my pratas, with my fav Ice Milo! Food makes me happy! :)

Inithas Banana Leaf Cuisine (240207)

Since i'm already blogging, I'll just post more pics la.

One weekend, I went to NUS to study with Ambiga. I owe that babe one! I really helped me alot with the essay-not the contents but how to write one....Thanks darling! :) And we took pics while we should have been happens la..

Me and Ambiga at NUSMe at NUS

Ok, last pic. I took this at my cousin's wedding dinner. I was bored so I plucked the rose that was part of the table decoration and stuffed into my ear. My uncle said it was nice and I snapped a pic out with it! hehe......I am so good at entertaining myself! :) But I just love this pic! Its so retrolicious! So tell me, do i pass off as Saroja Devi or K.R. Vijaya? Hahahahaha!!!!
Viki's Wedding dinner

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ket got drunk and she loved it!!!

Its March already.....freaking hell....its March more faster can the year go? I have about 40 days more to my exam and I've yet to start revising my stuff....damn it damn it damn it....sigh.....and I have nobody to blame but myself, who is the Queen of Procasination......shit!

My life is no longer normal. I'm freakingly struggling with my work, tuition and school. But I still did manage to have some fun after the CNY weekend on 21 Feb. It was a spur of the moment thingy...hahaha....but I enjoyed every bit of it! I know I'm never gonna have this much of fun again for a long time!

Had my first ladies out with my office twin-Peiying, my boss Serene and her 2 cousins. Went club-hopping, had 7 drinks, got drunk, danced like hell, had giggling fits, leaned on a cute bouncer. Took really stupid pics (but not on my cam). I'm waiting for Serene to pass me the other pics we took....hehehehe.......

Ladies Nite Out 210207 (1)Ladies Nite Out 210207 (2)Ladies Nite Out 210207 (4)

First, Peiying and I went to Emerald Hill, then we joined Serene and her cousins are The Clinic. From there, we hopped by to Gotham to see the stripper show and then we came back to The Clinic to finish up our free drinks. Its free entry and they give 5 free drinks at The Clinic! Can you believe it-5 free drinks!!!! Hahahaha!!!

But you know wat. I'm proud of myself coz I didn't 'merlion' anyway till I reached home. I sent a drunk Peiying home, got home and finally vomitted into my dustbin....hahahahaha!!! *Pats Ket on shoulder* ;)

Well, this was kinda of a farewell party for Serene. She's leaving and moving onto NUS. I'm gonna miss her! She's the best boss anyone can ever have....sigh....Peiying, Mrs Goh and I are really gonna miss her lots lots! Sigh....damn....

We took this pic when we went for lunch this afternoon. Its such a nice pic...Sigh....
Farewell Lunch for Serene at Thai Express (P1 Team)

Sigh....I'm gonna miss her....