Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bestu Friends....

Friends are friends...They are always there for you whether in good times or bad times and they never fail to make you smile, when you need it the most.....
This is what Rathika and I did for Minah.

Poor girl fractured her leg while trying to prevent a ironic....sigh....

I fetched her from the hospital on Monday and been going over to cheer her up. I even wrote lovely words on her cast.

Rathika joined me today after work and we did what best friends can do to cheer her and her mother up........

Make comedy out of her!!!! I'm trying to upload a video of what we did to her!! Will upload it once I get it rite.....hahahaha!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Priya's 16th Birthday Bash...

I'm having burnt jemput-jemput......Serves me rite for leaving the stove to watch 'That 70s show'.........damn......yucks!!!

I had fun after a looooong time at my cousin sista's 16th birthday bash!!!!! It was great!!! My cousins are growing up sooo fast and I feel soooo old! Damn!!

But it was great! I had a great time with my cousins! N my niece had a great rocking the dance....yes...My 1 year old niece was rocking the dance floor better than the rest of us!! Hahaha!!!

This is the birthday girl! Gorgeous rite!!! I look like crap as always!!!
Priya's 16th Bday (4)
Me and My lovely sister Letchumi!! I love her soooo much!!!! Can't do without her!!!
Priya's 16th Bday (2)
Initha-my niece before she started to rock the dance floor!!1
Priya's 16th Bday (3)
The guys who helped rock the dance floor!

The guy I'm cosy with is Sobban, my classmate. And the hot looking baldy is Ganesh, who happens to be an ex-neighbour. We were joking with each other about getting married to each other. Hahaha!!! What do u think? Do we look compatible?? Hahahaha!!!!

Priya's 16th Bday (5)Priya's 16th Bday (1)
I wanna have more fun but before that I need to finish my assignment and get done with my exams!! Exams in 2 weeks time!!! ARGH!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

My 25th birthday is coming up!

I'm guilty of neglecting this blog....Sorry....

Been busy and lazy...hehe....actually more lazy la....hehe....

Never mind. I'm back to blogging again. A lot of things have been happening. Too many things actually. Will blog about stuff soon. Am starting my new job on 19 Sep.

Other than that, i've been having trying to get my assignments done and i have to start studying for my exams.....

N i just realised that my birthday's coming soon!!!

Oh my god! I'm turning 25!!!!

I still can't believe it.....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The End is Here...

I cleared my workstation today....damn, I've never seen my table this empty.....I kinda feel sad.....sigh.....

This Friday is my last day with MOE......sigh........

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Its important to be nice to everyone but it would nice to be important to someone.....

I just love this song!!!!!!!! I can listen to it non-stop!!

But its fuckin pathetic that I got no one to share this song with!

Fuck!! The feelin of loneliness is back again.....Damn!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Traditional to Modern n all it took was just a coffeeshop toilet!! haha!!

I'm so proud of meself! I spent the whole day at home today after a freaking looooong time! I didn't move out of the house, even to buy food! I ordered in McDonald's! I'm such a lazy pig!

I stayed as compensation for the entire Sunday being out. Went to get some essential shopping done and also met up with my project mates to work on my project. Its almost getting done and I still have another 3 more individual ones to finish. I'm dedicating this week to projects. I've gotto be an angel for at least this week. I'm trying my best to channel strong thoughts to myself....hehe....

Saturday was great! I had to attend my friend's ROM and Sumi's birthday bash all in one evening. But thank god for excellent time so thick skin rite! Hahahahaha!!!

My friend Radha looked lovely on her ROM and her bf was looking sooooooo goood!! I was checking him out!! Never had I done that before! But i stopped after they exchanged the rings la! hehehehe!!!

Radha's ROM (1)Radha's ROM (2)Radha's ROM (3)Radha's ROM (4)

Sumi's birthday was great!!! We enjoyed ourselves alot gal!!! Thanks for inviting and U looked GREAT!!!!! Love those dresses!!!

It was a pity that the rest couldn't make it! So it was just me and ThugChic!! And we had fun, attacking the Chocolate Fondue and cracking jokes among ourselves!!
Sumi's 25 B-day (1)Sumi's 25 B-day (2)

As always the Queen of Procastination struck and now I'm trying my best to finish my projects for which the deadlines are next week....damn...damn...damn....I'm fucked!