Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The pounds are piling up...

Going cycling together on a double bike = romantic
Cycling in the rain = romantic
Getting flu = NOT romantic....*sniff sniff*...........

The next time I go East Coast, I'm going to make sure that I bring a extra set of clothes, basic toiletries, a towel and a big umbrella! Sigh.....*sniff sniff*

I'm settling into my job at Creative. I've been here for almost a month and I'm enjoying the quietness here. Now I know my way here better. This is humiliating but I got lost in the my office during my first week at work. Its a freaking big office!!! And they are just too many doors around here!! But now I'm more familiar with the place. I don't anyone to bring my the correct exit anymore.

Like I mentioned I'm the only Indian here. N everytime my boss introduces me to someone, she never fails to mention the fact that i understand Chinese and the other person never fails to give a surprise look....funny.....I dont have a problem working with a totally Chinese enviornment and i think the others are getting used to seeing me around. No more surprised and wierd stares.....stare stare lor, i dont care......

Why I like my new job:
-Its near my home, in Jurong. I can wake up later and i travel less! Yippie!
-I dont have a dress code!! I can wear jeans and casual attire to that cool or wat!
-I dont have to meet any parents or public. Nothing at all. I dont even have to talk to vendors from whom the purchasing is done. The engineers here do it.
-It is not totally desk-bound. I still get to walk around, collecting samples and despatching documents.
-Its a simple job.
-I get staff discount on Creative products!! At a good rate too!! If any of u want to get Creative products, tell me ok. I can check and let you know how much I can get it for. But I must know u first... :)
-There is a vending maching in the pantry and the drinks are only 10 cents. We have free biscuits also-big tins of them.
-There are sooooooo many cute looking Chinese guys in my office!!!! Not forgeting the ang moh designers....WOW!!!

Now here's why I dont like my new job:
-Its a torture to travel in the shuttle bus to and from Jurong East MRT. The queue for the bus is always freaking long. The journey which is less than 5 mins, always ends up longer than it should, thanks to the stupid jam!!
-The toilet and the pantry are unfairly very far from me. Its a freaking big office here! I have to plan my toilet visits. I fill up my water-bottle everytime I go to the toilet so that I dont make extra trips.
-I can't surf the net during office hours coz they have a tracking system and send yr Head of Dept a monthly memo on yr Internet usage. I don't know if he bothers to go through that but I don't want to take my chances.
-The MSN connection here sucks big time! So my chatting opportunities are very limited. I resort to chatting through emails nowadays.
-My boss sits behind me, which means she can clearly see what is on my PC screen. Although she has given me the green light that I can surf the net or chat discreetly, i rather maintain my discipline. A woman is still a woman. No matter how nice we are, we never know when we'll turn into devils.
-My office is super quiet most of the time, even during lunch time. I sometimes whisper when I talk on the phone, just in case my normal voice tone is too loud.

I told myself that I would keep the deco on my table minimal. For now, I only have 2 photos on my CPU and super small chocolate counter. Am restraining myself from any further additions coz I can still remember how I lugged 2 big luggage bags full of stuff back home after I cleared my table at MOE. It was torture!

Did i mention that I'm no longer all skin and bones now. I have put on weight....and alot of it!!! My clothes are tighter and i have a tummy bulging out, all thanks to pigging out too much!!! But i think i look better now, not so skinny as before. I jus got to maintain it like this. Now I've really got to watch my food intake.

I'm still waiting for Minah to send me my birthday pics! And as always she's taking forever!!!! But I really wanna say thanks to Kanzy, Thuggy, Sumi, Minah and Rathika for giving me the best surprise of the year and also the opportunity for me to start on something new. :) I love u all alot!!! *MUACKS*

Monday, October 29, 2007

I see light in the dark....

Ket is back!!!

I feel so guilty for abandoning my blog for soooo long......Its been a month, isnt, tat's a looong time!! Am tellin myself not to do it again....I miss blogging...

September and October have been a huge roller-coaster ride for me......So many events in just 2 months......My life couldn't have gotten more drama mama and action-packed than this!! Hahaha!!! But like some famous people say: 'Everything happens for a reason' and 'All well ends
well'......and things do seem to be looking on the bright side now. Everything seems to getting peaceful now.... good :)

Update time!

-Career: I'm no longer with MOE, nor am I with the company I left MOE for. I left the job coz I couldn't stand the boss. Now I'm working with Creative Technologies, in a quiet and simple position which has minimal or very little stress. Its pretty quiet though and get boring at times, compared to my previous job at MOE but I like the quietness. Am with a small unit and I'm the only blackie there, i mean the only Indian there....hehehe.....I'm contended for now :)

-Marriage: I almost got engaged! Serious!! Met a groom early Sep and I was almost to be engaged to him in end Oct. Thank god, i managed to stand up for myself and call it off! I feel so freaking relieved now!! :)

-Love: I'm seeing someone!!! Life works in funny ways, let's see how this works! :) For now, I'm happy! :)

-Friends: Wat will I do without them!!!!!!! My darlings did the sweetest thing for me that really perked me up during one of the hardest times in my life. They celebrated my birthday for me by giving me a surprise!!! I love them sooo much!! N thank u all for making the effort!!!! *Muacks*

I did take pictures but I'm waiting for Minah to send them to me and once i have everything I'll upload it for your viewing pleasure!!!

I love all my darlings in my life!!!! *Muacks x100!*

I would love to blog more but I can't think anymore coz I'm getting sleepy. But I'll be back! :)