Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Freedom To The People!!! Actually jus to me la...for a short while.....

I'm finally done with my assignments!!! Yippiee!!! Feel so freaking relieved and happy!!!! :):)

Heng.....now its the exam stress but it wont build up so soon. I know i'll be relaxed for some time before I start going crazy again...hehe.......you know wat's the irritating part, my exam is in the 2nd week of Jan-7 & 8 Jan.....I won't be able to enjoy the beginning of my new year. I'll be mugging away instead....damn......And if I want to really have a good New Year Eve, then I gotto start mugging early...sigh.....damn....I'll start thinking about it later. I wanna enjoy the peace for now.......

The weekend was good, really really gooood!!!!! Before I start on that, Minah finally emailed me her birthday pics; the ones that we took at Chong Pang Nasi Lemak. Her birthday cake was yummy! I actually wanted to buy a chocolate cake but this champange cake looked appealing and it was a good choice to buy it. It really tasted nice! Yummy!!!
I finally watched live fireworks!! I never had the opportunity to watch fireworks live and I finally got to see them on Friday coincidentally!! Victor and I went to Vivocity to check out the Christmas decos there. We were done at Vivocity and were wondering what to do so I suggested stepping out for a while. The moment we stepped, they started the fireworks!!! We didnt know that there was going to be a firework display over there. I was totally mesmerised!!!! Victor started taking pics coz I was too in awe to take any!! The fireworks were really beautiful!!! I'm so in love with them!!! Really really really amazing!! I wanna see more fireworks!!!! And as always we were taking alot of photos. I think i kinda pissed Victor off with my over-enthusiatic photo-taking.....hehehe.....

-Christmas Deco @ Vivocity
-At our favourite Pacific Coffee Company. That place is just tooo cozy!

See that cute little lion on Victor's lap! Very cute rite!! I got it for him!! That lion was soooo cute, I just couldn't resist buying it for him!!! :):)
Saturday was D-Day!!!! The recording for the studio news production for my Tuesday class was due on that day. We met in the morning to record our radio talk show and also to prepare for the recording in the afternoon. Damn, i spent almost an entire day in school, on a Saturday somemore.......argh!! But I'm so glad its over! We didn't get it down in one take but we did manage to do an overall good job in the 3rd take.

-Rice, Darf, Joey and Me, after all that 'drug-packing'
-The lecturer and the Studio New Production Crew! -The Radio Talk Show Production Crew!
I had to wear a shirt since I was the newscaster...damn.....I felt very very uneasy! I felt comfortable only after I changed my top once it was over.

I clubbed!! After a looooong time!!!! I really enjoyed myself!!! We were supposed to club last weekend but we couldnt, so we went to Chakravarthy. I had so much fun on Saturday that i'm still aching all over till today!! This is what happens when u dance like mad after a 3 month hiatus!!

Mark, Victor and I went to Suntec first to check out the deco there. Those two guys made me walk all the way from Suntec to Boat Quay for dinner. Thank god they didnt execute their suggestion to walk to Lavendar from there.....I would have been on clutches now.....hehehehe......

Met Minah and Rathika at the club, together with Febian and the boogie-woogie started!!! We 3 she-devils rocked the club again!! hehehehe......Victor and I finally saw the party animals in each other!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!
I love all the pics we took at Chakravarthy! Very niceeeee!!! :)

-This is how we started off!
-We saw the party animal in each other! I love dancing with him!
-I was the only one drinking coke...pathetic.....
-And we ended like this! hahahaha!!! *kissy kissy*
This is one super loooong post with an over-load of photos.....hehehehe........Ket free ma after finishing her assignments!!! Woo hoo!!!

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Wowee! Fun fun fun! Hey, you shud really check Jeanz out la babe! It's awesome! :D