Friday, December 28, 2007

The Last Friday of 2007...

The last week of 2007 is also is just like 3 days'm getting old....sigh.......i'll be in my late 20s now.....But heck I still look and feel young! :)
Christmas Eve was great!!I rebonded my hair again!! Finally after a year....I just couldn't stand my hair anymore. Outside glamour, inside gone! And I got it done at a good price. Ket happy!!! Ok, my hair looks super silky and straight here. Its the after-rebonding effect. I have washed my hair and its not that silky now.
This was taken after a good pig-out at Newton before heading off to church.
I look like Morticia......don't I? I'm still trying to get used to the flat look.

The Christmas Eve mass with Victor and Mark, wasn't really like Christmas Eve mass. We werent really attending it, more like sitting on the outside (since we cldnt get a seat), taking photos and talking cock. But those guys did pray. I was just looking around.
Christmas was good! I had a even flatter look thanks to the greasiness in my hair. I tried not to wear pottu for that day. Boy, I felt so naked!! I'm always wearing my pottu and I felt so uncomfortable without it but I guess Victor liked the look. Both of us went to Mark's uncle's place who invited us during Deepavali. It was fun there!! The aunties and uncles were dancing and having fun, more than us youngsters.
They were trying to get me to dance. I felt kinda shy since i didn't really know them. But Victor was sporting. He was dancing with Mark. The only thing I could do was laugh!
Mark was having his fun....(That's his cute mother with him!)As always, we did our usual cam-whoring! hehe!!
I had fun! Gonna have another round of Christmas visiting fun this Saturday! Cool!!! :)

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